Dongfeng 140 hanging barrels garbage truck

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Dongfeng long head self charging and self discharging garbage truck Technical Parameters
 Product:Dongfeng long head self charging and self discharging garbage truck Overall dimension: 6850×2440×2720 (mm)
 Chassis model:CPG03 Compartment dimension: 4000×2300×1470 (mm)
 Gross weight: 9910 (kg) Approach angle/Departure angle: 34/17 (°)
 Rated payload: 4000 (kg) Front/rear suspension: 1065/1835 (mm)
 Kerb weight: 5715 (kg) Max speed: 85 (km/h)
 Engine: YC4E140-30
 Displacement: 4260 (ml) Power: 105 (kw)
 Manufacturer:Guangxi Yuchai Power Co., Ltd.
 Emission standard: GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005  Euro 3
 Axle nos: 2  Front tread: 1810 (mm)
 Wheelbase: 3950 (mm) Rear tread: 1800 (mm)
 Tyre nos : 6 Tyre specification: 9.00-20
 Fuel type:Diesel Leaf spring nos: 9/12+9
 Axle load: 3210/6700 Passenger nos 3
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